Band Bio:
The New Explicit is a melodic medley of mashed-up rock and metal, blended with a stirring brew of bluesy jazz, and a hint of flowing hip-hop. It began with a couple of very patient, seasoned musicians who spent years waiting for the right people to fulfill their musical vision. This band is the result of the long wait. Wade (lead guitar), and Kelly (bass) began playing together in high school, and were very successful in two earlier bands over a ten-year span. The return of Jimmy—their original drummer—in late 2015 marked the first in the final steps toward a solid line-up. In early 2016, Brett (rhythm guitar) teamed-up with the guys, bringing a new perspective, and lots of potential to what had always been a three-part band. With the solidification of the band, in mid-2016 Laura (vocals) came in braving this group of powerhouse hard-rockers with a smoky-sweet vocal style, kicking them all into new territory. The music knows no bounds between these like-minded, yet versatile musicians. Years of separate efforts among the five founding members fuse seamlessly into one, epic collaboration that is The New Explicit.

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